Sunday, March 24, 2013


Early Friday morning Annie had twins!! This is our second year having twins, they are fairly common, however sometimes are challenging. Unfortunately, the female (Fran) was quite a bit larger than her little brother (Pani)....

His back legs were also quite weak and he wasn't able to nurse on his own. I had to force feed him his mothers milk for the first day.

After about 24 hours he was strong enough to suck from a bottle but by that time, his mom Annie didn't recognize him as her own and rejected him. So now, we have an "inside goat" snuggled up with this buddy Buzz....until it warms up enough to get him back into the barn.

I'll be bottle feeding him for six to eight weeks....wish me luck!

Meanwhile, his sister is doing great...I'm sure she misses her brother and I'm planning "playdates" as soon as Pani is stronger.

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