Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring is coming....but not fast enough for some

Not been much new to report from around the farm this winter. Just feeding hay, slogging through mud, cleaning stalls, and feeding more hay. However, now that spring is on its way, things are starting to get interesting again. First up on the almost spring activity list was to shear the goats. Angora goats are sheared twice a year, in winter prior to the arrival of kids and in the late summer. During each six month period, each goat will grow approximately six inches of mohair. Amazing producers these goats. So Jonathon, our nomadic shearer came last week and sheared my goats bald....just in time for some freezing rain.

I can't say that the goats were too excited about this.

In fact I'd hazard a guess that they were quite UNhappy....

But I got close to 40 pounds of lovely I set up some heat lamps and told them to think warm thoughts until spring.

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  1. OH my..poor timing on the sheering thing! I bet they are freezing! But it should grow back fast enough.