Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yarn Tasting

At long last I picked up my processed fiber while I was in Asheville NC last weekend and since coming home I have been going through my yarns, thinking they were pretty soft and cuddly and trying to figure out the best way to showcase then. I knew I really wanted to sell them locally as I've gone to quite a bit of trouble to raise my goats "sustainably" and I processed my fiber at EchoView Fiber Mill in NC because of their environmental practices and policies. Figured it didn't make much sense to do all that and to then ship my yarns all over the country if I could make things work locally. And, I'll admit, since I'm not the craftsy sort myself, I knew the only way I would actually see the truly final product of my (and my goats') work was to sell it locally and have someone knit me something!

SO, to that end, today I met with Whitney at The Crooked Stitch in Rocky Mount and, wonder of wonders, she loves my yarns! Not only does she love them, but she wants me to sell them at her shop and she wants to throw my yarns a party! To which of course, I agreed, because those of you who know me, know I do love a good party.

So, details will follow, but later this month, The Crooked Stitch will be hosting a Yarn Tasting Party to showcase my six lines of yarn. Whitney is in the process of knitting some projects that will be on display so people can pet them and there will be locally produced food as well.

I will be there with photos and information about my farm and my goats. I'm very excited to hear what the knitters out there think of my lines and to eventually, see what fuzzy treasures they make from them.

So mark your calendars! Even if you aren't a knitter, come on out even if you have any interest! I'm sure the folks a The Crooked Stitch are very nice to beginners. I may even have to buy a set of needles myself....

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